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Uratech designs and manufactures Tri scoot - CNC Tool cart for all types of CNC holders such as CAT 30, CAT 40, CAT 50, BT 35, CAT 45, HSK 25, HSK 32A, HSK 32C, HSK 32E, HSK 40A, HSK 40B, HSK 40C, HSK 40D, HSK 40E, HSK 50A, HSK 50B, HSK 50C, HSK 50D, HSK 50E, HSK 50F, HSK 63A, HSK 63B, HSK 63C, HSK 63D, HSK 63E, HSK 63F, HSK 80A, HSK 80B, HSK 80C, HSK 80D, HSK 100A, HSK 100B, HSK 100C, HSK 100D, HSK 125A, HSK 125B, HSK 160A, HSK 160B, CAPTO C3, CAPTO C4, CAPTO C5, CAPTO C6, CAPTO C8, CAPTO C10, KM 32, KM 40, KM 50, KM 63, KM 80, VDI 25, VDI 30, VDI 40, VDI 50, VDI 60, BT 30, BT 40, BT 50, with a capacity of 1400 lbs. Constructed of powder-coated steel, we ship worldwide including the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Contact us at 1-800-813-0537 to find your local distributor..

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Model ...: Tri scoot 72 Holders capacity , HSK 100 A and C type holders

UTT - 25100

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Model ...: Tri scoot 105 Holders capacity , CAT 30 , BT 30 , DV 30, NMTB 30 Holders

UTT - 25101

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